Knowing to Love

Since this is the first blog post for this website, it seems right that I explain the blog a bit. This information will be permanently stored under the “About the blog” tab to the left, but since very few go to the trouble of clicking that tab, I have gone to the trouble of including the information here:


Knowing God should be the goal of all God’s Creatures. God is the Creator and intends that we should know Him and worship Him. The truth is that God is the greatest Being. He excels all others in those attributes that should be valued by mankind (love, holiness, faithfulness, justice, mercy, grace, and patience—just to name a few). Such truths about God ought not to be taken for granted, but should be thoughtfully and prayerfully meditated upon. In this way, the truths may not only change the way we think and talk about God, but also change the way we feel about and worship God.

To Love

That We Might Love Him is the purpose of knowing God. Increased intellectual knowledge alone is not the goal of knowing God. God intends that our knowledge lead us to love and worship Him. Through a pursuit of knowing God we conclude that the Triune God surpasses all rivals in all attributes that should be valued by mankind, therefore we conclude that God is the most glorious Being and the One most worthy of worship. In view of God’s supremacy in all things excellent, it is right that our hearts should be inclined toward Him so as to love Him above all things. Thus, knowing God leads us to have our hearts inclined toward Him in great love to the end that we worship Him, whereby He is glorified.

Pursuing a knowledge toward love

Behold – God may be known in this world. His glory is evident in creation; it testifies to His greatness. Within us there is a knowledge that He is, yet many suppress the knowledge of God in unrighteousness. God has revealed Himself in His word, the Bible. By reading the Bible we can learn about who God is, what He is like, what He wants of us, and how we can be in fellowship with Him. The Bible teaches that God’s glory is most clearly seen in Jesus Christ. We also learn about Jesus in the Bible. Thus, if we are to know God, we must learn about this Triune God through the study of the revelation of Himself in the Bible.

Renounce – Since God means to be valued above everything, it is essential that a pursuit of the love of God be accompanied by a renouncement of all rivals for our affection. Whether our heart longs for wealth, possessions, or the approval of men, such longing should not surpass our longing for God. Moreover, these rivals for our affection must be renounced, in order that we may have undivided, supreme love for God. So while it is good that one pursues knowing God, one must also renounce and reject all rivals to God for our affection.

Depend – Depending on God involves prayer and trust. Those that recognize that they are not as they should be should seek the aid of the One who can make them right. Prayer is the way that we confess our need for God to help us to esteem and love things in accordance with their worth. To put it another way, we pray to ask God to help us love Him more and desire the world less. In doing this, we trust that God is able to grant our request. We desire to change, and we trust that God can change us by His great power.

Additional considerations

Knowing God not enough – Increased knowledge of God is not a substitute for saving faith. One may know many facts about God, while remaining the enemy of God. Knowing God should be pursued by all men, yet new birth should be sought even more. The knowledge of God will reveal one’s sin, guilt, and grant a sense of the punishment that one deserves from God for sins committed against Him. Such an understanding should cause one to seek salvation from Jesus Christ, whose substitutionary death on the cross satisfied the just requirements of God that sin be punished and righteousness be possessed, so that one may be at peace with God.  In short, knowing God should cause one to repent and believe the gospel so that one may be saved.

Knowing and Loving is of God – Only God can cause someone to see that God is great. By nature we are blind to God’s glory and we sin against God. God alone can give a person eyes to see that God is glorious (2 Corinthians 4:4-6) and that Jesus is the Savior (Matthew 16:17).

Knowing, loving, and spurring – One motive to begin this blog was to assist others to know God so that they might love Him more. Yet, the hope is that the fruit does not end with the initial reader of the blog. I pray that readers will use what encouragement may be found on this blog and pass the blessing on to others as a means of fulfilling Hebrews 10:24: And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds (NIV). My prayer is that you would know, love, and share Jesus.